Pioneering innovative sustainable solutions for plastics processors

Introducing our Sustainable Materials Portfolio. Select a category from the options below to learn more.

Reducing your carbon footprint

From processing advice through to fillers and mineral masterbatches, we can support you in your ambition to become more carbon efficient.

Recycled Polymers & Recyclability

Materials that have been reprocessed from post-consumer and post-industrial sources, plus materials that can aid recycling.

Biodegradable & Compostable Materials

Innovative biodegradable & compostable materials that break down in to water, naturally occuring gases and biomass.

Water Soluble Polymers

A range of polymers designed to dissolve in water without polluting the marine environment with harmful microplastics.

Bio-sourced & Bio-feedstock Materials

Materials for a variety of applications sourced from biomass such as sugarcane, tapioca, castor oil and cellulose.

Renewable Content Materials

A selection of materials that partially or fully utilise feedstocks that can be replenished on a human timescale.

Circular Economy

Materials designed and produced with the aim of minimising waste and making the most of available resources by using a closed-loop production system.