Introducing our 7 Branches of Sustainability

In 2019, Plastribution Group first revealed both our Sustainable Materials Portfolio and our “7 Branches of Sustainability” concept to the UK plastics industry.

The latter, our simple method of grouping our offerings into 7 clear and distinct categories, allows us to quickly direct you to a particular range of materials and/or services that will help you to meet your environmental ambitions.

These branches are:

Clearly, there are no materials that can tick all boxes in a sustainable checklist and there will always be trade-offs when it comes to properties, cost and environmental impact. Nevertheless, our portfolio is fully supported by our in-house team, who is on hand to provide expert advice whenever required.

What does sustainability mean to you?

" I want to reduce my carbon footprint I want my product to be biodegradable I want to use less resources I want to reduce my energy consumption I want my product to be compostable I want my product to be water soluble I want a clean environment for my kids to grow up in I want my product to break down safely in nature I don't want to use materials derived from fossil fuels anymore I want to use materials that form part of a circular economy I want to use materials that are recycled or can be recycled I want to use a material that is made using renewable content "

When approaching us with a new project, one of the first question we will ask is: “what are your sustainability goals for this product?”

Through regular discussions with brand owners, processors and industry experts, we have found this question results in a wide variety of different answers. Our Sustainable Materials Portfolio, therefore the 7 branches, were heavily influenced by a desire to address the challenges and ideas presented to us in these conversations.

In addition, our team is here to work with you on overcoming any design and development challenges that you may face along the way.

With this in mind, please explore our portfolio to find out more about each of our material categories, plus you can find some of the exciting and innovative materials from our array of supply partners by clicking “explore solutions” beneath each branch.

Finally, please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. We love a challenge!