Total’s commitment towards a circular economy has seen a range of high performance polypropylene & polyethelene grades become available. These materials contain up to 95% of post consumer recycled content and feature equivalent or improved properties when compared with virgin polymer.
Circular Economy Grades
Reduces Carbon Footprint
Renewably sourced content
Recycled Content

How have TotalEnergies made these grades possible?

TotalEnergies have used their supply chain contacts to source high quality recycled material. This is typically waste collected and recycled in Western Europe from selected recyclers.

To make the polymers 100% fragrance free TotalEnergies has developed a deep decontamination process.

TotalEnergies are then using their expertise in polymer production and compounding the recycled material with ‘virgin boosters’. These are designed specifically to compensate for the downfalls usually associated with recycled material and bring in polymer virgin equivalent properties.

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