Plasfilms and Plasfoils
Warehouse and Office Operating Hours
Christmas and New Year 2023/2024

Office Shutdown for Christmas & New Year:

All Plastribution Group team members will be enjoying a break from midday on 22nd December 2023, returning on the morning of 2nd January 2024. There will be no office-based support during this period.

Warehouse and logistics partners - closures during the festive period

Besides a few exceptional cases where stock isn’t held in our primary warehouse, our last day for deliveries in 2023 will be 21st December. 

Deliveries in most cases will resume in 2024 from 2nd January, with exception to those made from our Glasgow-based warehouse, which will resume normal operation from 3rd January 2024.

If you plan to have any time sensitive deliveries around this time, please get in touch with your Plastribution customer service team. We can advise further on minimising any potential disruption. If you are unsure who to contact, you can reach us via live chat in your Plastribution+ dashboard, by email or by calling 01530 560560.