Dear Supply Partner,

As you are aware, the UK has now left the EU and completed the transition period. Consequently, the UK is no longer governed by EU laws such as REACH. A UK version has been created and is governed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

As such we are currently looking to get an official statement on how you intend to proceed with the next steps of UK REACH registration. Currently we are focused on the notification phase but it would be helpful to know any plans you have with regards to full registration.

Please either complete the form on this page or provide a pre-prepared document covering the required information to the email address detailed below.

We would appreciate a response within 4 weeks. If Plastribution need to complete a DUIN, could you please provide the relevant information before the end of 17th May 2021.

There are links below to the official UK REACH guidance, should you need any further information please contact us via our email address. We can answer your questions through e-mail or set up a meeting to discuss options.

HSE website UK REACH main page guidance

Please complete the fields below:

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We need the following information as a minimum:    
At least one of the following: -  
o Substance name  
o CAS number  
o EC number  
o Annual volumes sold to Plastribution.  
These can either be provided grade by grade with the volumes as a percentage or as a total volume covering all grades. The volume is important and needs to be accurate due to the different tonnage bands associated with registration.

Please send this information seperately to: