Transport & Logistics Update

How we can work together to mitigate supply chain disruption over the coming months.

Dear Valued Customer,

The UK transport and logistics sector continues to face unprecedented challenges and as Christmas approaches, the seasonal uplift in activity is expected to put the industry under further pressure.

As a business, we continue in our strategy to work with third-party logistic providers to minimise the disruption to your orders where possible. We are now at a stage where we request your action and support to assist us in doing so.

During the pre-Christmas period, please:


  • Place your orders as soon as possible.

  • Consider larger, consolidated orders, minimising the need for multiple deliveries.

  • Build more flexibility into your own stock levels so that it is less business critical if there are any delays.

  • Confirm if your delivery is required ‘on’ a day or ‘by’ a day. The use of ‘by’ dates allows our 3rd party logistics providers additional flexibility and is preferable where possible.

  • Try to spread your deliveries throughout the month. The start and end of the month are extremely busy.

  • Be flexible with your booking times and consider ‘open’ booking times.

  • Off-load vehicles promptly.

  • Whilst we will endeavour to achieve timed deliveries, please be flexible and offload the vehicle once it arrives. If a delivery is late and refused, we will arrange re-delivery at the earliest opportunity; however, this may not be the next working day.

To capture your delivery requirements and ensure that we hold the most accurate information on file a “Special Instructions” update form will be sent to you in due course. Your prompt and thorough response is appreciated.

It is hoped that by taking these steps and working together the worst effects of the supply chain pressures can be mitigated. As always, we will keep you informed regarding any delays directly affecting your orders as we navigate our way through the coming months.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and update you accordingly.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Plastribution Group Team