Important Notice: Supplier Alert

Warning to Polymer Suppliers of Impersonation Fraud

We want to bring to your attention a concerning issue involving impersonation fraud. Criminals have been exploiting publicly available information to fraudulently obtain credit lines from polymer suppliers and then obtain goods that they never pay for. This scam primarily targets a variety of polymer producers, using financial data obtained from public records, including records held at Companies House.

Common features of this fraud:

At this point, the criminals seem to be primarily targeting polymer producers, utilising a database of information obtained from a source other than Plastribution. However, it is possible that they may extend their efforts to compounders, distributors, traders, and other potential sources of supply.

We strongly advise all existing suppliers to verify any changes in delivery location by contacting a known Plastribution representative through established communication channels.

To protect your interests, Plastribution recommends implementing robust due diligence procedures and adopting ‘KYC’ (know your customer) precautions, including:

Your vigilance is crucial in combating this fraudulent activity. Thank you for your support.