Complaints Handling Procedure

At Plastribution, we place the utmost importance on maintaining strong, transparent relationships with our valued customers.

We recognise that, in the course of conducting business, there may arise occasions where our customers have concerns or grievances. Addressing these in a timely, respectful, and efficient manner is not only integral to our operational ethics but is a cornerstone of our commitment to superior customer service.

We are dedicated to ensuring every concern is handled with the professionalism and attention it deserves. With this in mind, we have developed a clear procedure for handling customer complaints that we are happy to share below.

The Process


Customer raises their disatisfaction with a member of their customer dedicated sales team.


Sales team raise an internal “Non Conformance Report” or “NCR” within our system.

This allows us to track the progress of our customer complaints and provide a customer reference number.


NCR is assigned to the correct person or team required to investigate issues that led to Non Conformance.


Corrective actions are noted recorded within NCR.


Case actions are confirmed to customer.


NCR resolved.

Plastribution Group Internal Actions


Preventative actions are reviewed monthly by our internal quality team.


Case data reviewed monthly by quality team for common trends.


Process Complete.