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Price Know-How looks at key factors that affects UK polymer markets.

The concept of a user friendly market report came from feedback about an article published in PRW (Plastics & Rubber Weekly) about the 2011 market outlook to which Plastribution made a significant contribution.

Whilst some price surveys currently exist they are often difficult to interpret, use foreign currencies, and differing units of measure. Price know-how aims to be relevant by providing an overview, material group specific reports and more general economic information including exchange rates and GDP growth.

To keep things relevant the report is in £ Sterling with tonnes as the common unit of measure.

The objective of the report is to form the basis of discussion about issues such as pricing and availability and so be a basis on which to consider purchasing strategies.

It is also believed that the report will support customers in explaining polymer price trends to their own customers, employees and shareholders. As always we would welcome your feedback, and as
ever your sales team is available to discuss your specific requirements.

The Plastribution Team


This report is produced based upon the following fundamentals: –


The information provided in this report are based upon data available from both external and internal sources, and whilst care is exercised in producing this report we give no guarantee of accuracy.

Furthermore we accept no liability for purchasing decisions based upon the information provided as the petrochemical market is complex and volatile.

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